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Final Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride

Friday, August 22nd, 2008 |

Final Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride
Training Ride this Saturday August 23, 2008 at 8:30am from Bicycle Toy & Hobby located at 2000 N Main Street High Point. The Safety Talk will be held at 8:15 and registration begins at 7:30. Park down Fisher Ave. (Across from Bicycle Toy & Hobby) at Westchester Baptist Church or Lebanon United Methodist Church. Please no parking in Sir Pizza, Libby Hill or Ham’s, your car could be towed if you park in those lots.

Piedmont Velo Sports ITT Training Ride

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 |

Piedmont Velo Sports is having a practice individual time trial this Saturday August 23rd and have invited to join them. Below is a copy of the email Jim Martin forwarded to me from Charlie Lawrence.

Saturday’s team training ride will be a practice individual time trial of approximately 14 miles. You don’t have to have a time trial bike or any special equipment to ride this. A regular road bike will be fine to ride. This will be great training. This ride is open to riders other than just the team members.

We will score an “Eddy Merckx style” category separately. This is no aero bars and no aero helmet. (regular road bike)

The first rider will be off at 8:30 AM. So plan to be there a little earlier to get a start time. Registration will begin at 8:00 AM.

Riders will leave in order of registration at 1 minute intervals.

The time trial will start from Davidson Community College.

The route will be straight out Old Greensboro Road for approximately 7 miles, turn around and come back. (Flat to very slightly rolling with smooth fresh pavement)

The turn around spot will be just past Friendship Ledford Road and marked by orange cones on either side of the road and hopefully some signs. The turn around spot may or may not have a person there. It depends on who we can get to volunteer to do this.

You will be timed.

If we can find someone we will try to have someone hold the riders up at the start. We hope to simulate to the best of our abilities a competition time trial.

There is no entry fees. (there will be a donation jar to help off set gas for volunteers)

There is no prize money. (This is a training ride. Don’t take ANY chances with cars!)

There are no placings.

There is no traffic control. (Watch for traffic) (When you are riding you are on your own)

Non sanctioned waivers will be provided and must be signed to ride this ride.

We hope this is a successful training ride and we will be able to do it again. Then you can compete against the time you set the first time.

Anyone wanting to ride more is welcome to do so afterwards.

We could also use a couple of volunteers.

Charlie – My cell phone number is 336-414-1769

Saturday TTT MS Training Ride

Thursday, August 7th, 2008 |

If any of you are interested in a longer training ride on Saturday, there is a group of riders that will be leaving from David Miller’s house (1614 Heathcliff Road, High Point) at 7:00 AM to bike over to Winston Salem for the 45 mile MS training ride being hosted by Paul’s Schwinn. The ride over will be about 17 miles so, when you figure in the round trip, the total ride including the training ride will be about 79 miles. If you are interested just show-up at David Miller’s house and be ready to ride at 7:00 AM on Saturday. If you only have time to ride the training ride we will see you at the start line at Paul’s Schwinn at 8:30 AM.

Become a Better Time Trialist

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 |

February 9, 2008 1:00-5:00 PM Lowe’s Motor Speedway Media Center

The same people that bring you the time trial at Lowe’s Motor Speedway now bring you a special time trial seminar. Everyone, beginner and experienced, is welcome.

Learn From The Best

  • Chad Andrews – Per4mance Training
  • Andy Applegate – Asheville Velosport
  • Mike Giraud – A2 Wind Tunnel
  • Bruce Guild – Cool Breeze Cyclery
  • Jim O’Brien – The Right Gear
  • Two Cyclists with Lots of TT Experience
Some seminar topics include:
  • Training
    • Identify your weaknesses
    • How to establish a TT training program
  • Equipment
    • The effect of various TT equipment on your time
  • Aerodynamics
    • Optimize position
    • Ways to reduce drag
    • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Nutrition
    • Pre-race and post-race nutrition
    • Role of supplements

There will be ample opportunity for everyone to ask questions. During the Q&A session, we encourage an open dialog for sharing your experiences.

Pre-Registration adults $25.00, children (<18) and collegiate $12.50. Seminar is limited to 150 people – On-site Registration all $35.00.

For More Information and to PreRegister, Go to


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