VeloProject.com is a cycling club and race team based in the NC Piedmont Triad.

Our Mission

The purpose of this organization is to promote a healthy life style through fitness, nutrition, fellowship, cycling benefits, team/club support, and public awareness of the valuable benefits associated with the sport of cycling. We can not achieve any of our goals without our advertisers. The sale of ads on our club/team clothing and web site enables the club to accomplish it’s goals as set forth by the Board of Directors and Members. The following list is just a small sample of VeloProject.com’s aggressive goals.

  • Promote club advertisers more than any club has ever attempted.
  • Recruit youth and collegiate riders.
  • Recruit and encourage all ages to ride.
  • Recruit and build a pro level race team.
  • Promote time trial at Lowe’s Motor Speedway Time Trial Series.
  • Offer a variety of weekly training and fun rides in the Triad area and beyond.
  • Offer club coaching and nutrition through our web site.
  • Monthly meetings with key note speakers.
  • Offer special deals through various advertisers.
  • Club organized social picnic rides as planned.
  • Operate a super web site VeloProject.com which will provide more information than any other cycling club/team.
  • Just enjoy the sport of cycling and have fun.

These are just a few of the things your Board of Directors has outlined. Please get active and provide your input to make this the top organization in the Nation.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • William Stout — President
  • Wayne Baucino — Vice President
  • Larry Philp — Secretary
  • Randy Smith — Treasurer
  • Stacy Brown — Director
  • Dale Greene — Director
  • Dale Jennings — Director
  • Donna Lewis — Director
  • William Rabley — Director

About VeloProject.com

Here we'll share our knowledge, discovery and experience related to cycling. Most articles on this site are related to health, fitness and nutrition. More

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